About Us

Noi Thai Cuisine continues the traditional of The Bai Tong Family of Restaurant in Seattle, Washington which originally began as a favorite stop over for Thai Airways Crew at SeaTac Airport over two decades ago. At Noi Thai Cuisine Downtown Seattle, we pride ourselves on making high quality food and giving our guests a real authentic Thai taste.We strive to bring our guests the best in Thai cuisine as our food is authentically prepared and beautifully presented. Here you will find your familiar favorites but even more dishes you may not be familiar with yet. Each dish on our menu is prepared to order using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Most of our dishes are created and modified by one of the best of the Chef of Thailand.All of our dishes are prepared by ourExecutive Chef and his Thai culinary teamwith care to ensure our guests enjoy the best dining experience, so you can trust that every little detail has been taken care of.
Whether you have special event or looking for a romantic evening out, we are dedicated to making your experience a memorable one. We invite you to come and experience the exquisite setting and authentic food at Noi Thai Cuisine.

Our team is our best asset

From our chefs, waiters, bartenders, and managers – they are all top talents, experts in creating a vitalizing experience for our customers.

Our Team

Chaiseeha’s family and Lapangkura’s family have always had a passion for true authentic Thai cuisine and a strong inspiration to bring these various traditional Thai tastes for the world to experience. In addition to the traditional Thai culinary, they decided to offer “royal” Thai dishes to its fine dining menu, which is known for its refinement, cooking techniques, presentation, ingredient, and flavors to serve the Thai royal household.

Our team has been building a reputation of authenticity and excellence of traditional Thai cuisine since 1989. Noi Thai Cuisine is committed to stay true to the culinary culture and influences of Thailand.

Meet Our Culinary Experts

Settapong Nilket, Executive Chef

SettapongNilket or Chef Pag. He is an Executive Chef here at Noi.
Ever since he was a little boy growing up in Thailand he always knew
that he wanted to be a Chef. He came to the US in 2009 to pursue his dream. Following his path he attended Culinary School until having to return to Thailand, but he knew that one day he would come back to the US. After returning from Thailand he settled in Seattle Washington and worked as a Chef at Bai Tong Thai Restaurant. In 2012, he had the opportunity to move to Bend and help JJ and Noiopen the first location of Noi Thai Cuisine, and he promises to put his heart and soul in every dish he prepares for our guests since then.

Somchai Toomthong, Head Chef

SomchaiToomthong or Chef Joi, He always has a passion for cooking. With over 25 years working in several 5 stars hotel in Thailand, where he worked alongside master chefs and mastered techniques and artistry aspects of traditional Thai culinary. Chef Joi is master of royal Thai culinary art and he has proven it in winning a GOLD MEDAL in Fruit and Vegetable carving from the 8th Culinary of Cooks and Chefs 2002. He also believes that good cooking comes from love, patience and a happy soul. Heis thrilled to bring his talents, dedication and passion to the Noi Thai Cuisine kitchen.